Marking free cloth for 3mm thick sheets MAX

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  • 5 meters
  • 10 Meters
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227,05 €

Kizu non prevents the scratches and marks during the bending process on delicate materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, satin, pre-painted or anodized. 

It can be used with any type of die and be fixed with adhesive tape or magnets.

Almost irrelevant on the constancy of the fold! The cloth is 1mm tick, it becomes 0.1mm during the folding and it remains constant even for several hundred folds.

Excellent durability! Tests carried out in our laboratories and with our customers have shown durations exceeding hundreds of cycles without moving on dies with very small radius.

The special weaving prevents the material from being dragged towards the bottom of the slot making it unusable in just a few folds.

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